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Delivering investment success to clients

Diversified's proprietary investment strategies have been delivering security to sophisticated portfolio investors for over two decades. Diversified's process has been tested through volatile markets, preserving capital as well as providing a superior returns. We are not associated with any product provider; have no funds to sell, no Institutional owner cross-selling their wares, and we sell no insurance. All we provide is the very best of leading, unbiased investment strategies, backed by our research, experience and prudent judgement. Diversified's strategies are available as individually managed investment portfolios in assosiation with Foundry Asset Management. Investors hold their own Independently Managed Accounts via a third-party custodian.
'Investment advice you can trust' – for over 20 years

The Objective


Peace-of-mind. Strategies aim both to  preserve investors' capital over the medium term, while achieving superior growth over the long-term. Systematic diversification in accordance to Modern Portfolio Theory is maintained.


The Company earns its income by formulating investment strategies which are applied to individually managed accounts, owned by clients, trusts or family offices. Portfolio investors generally have  $500,000 to several million of dollars to invest for the medium or long term.


Diversified’s strategies advocate Tactical Asset Allocation. Strategies actively positioned portfolios to favour those industries, issuers, sectors or regions expected to out-perform in  one year to 18 month ahead. When value is not recognized, or markets appear ‘toppy’, defensive positions are embraced. All proposed positions are Peer Group Reviewed.

Our People

Norman Stacey

Norman Stacey

Investment Strategist

Norman is an Economist with over 30 years experience in financial markets, from stock-broking in Canada to funds-management in NZ. Norman serves as Committee Member of SIFA, is a Certified Member of INFINZ, trained as a professional stock-broker in Canada (1986 – 1993), studied Economics at SFU (1979), and holds a B.Sc. from Auckland University (1974). He is an Authorized Financial Adviser via National Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5).

A disclosure statement is available free of charge.

Diversified’s strategy process is subjected to peer group review

Stephen James Rogers

Stephen James Rogers

Investment Committee | Peer Reviewer

Stephen Rogers is the principal of Foundry Asset Management Limited established in May 2009 following his twenty five years experience in the financial services industry. Stephens brings management, and advising experience gained with some of New Zealand’s most successful fund and wealth management companies. This included one of New Zealand’s largest wealth management firms with and excess of NZ$1.2 billion under management.

A disclosure statement is available free of charge.

Stephen provides input strategy and  Peer Group review

Dr Roger Su

Dr Roger Su

Investment Committee | Peer Reviewer

Roger holds a Doctor of Philosophy, and a Master of Business from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance from The University of Waikato, New Zealand, a Graduate Diploma of Financial Studies (Personal Financial Planning) from Massey University, New Zealand, and a Bachelor of Economics from Liaoning University, China.

Roger is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA Australia), lectures in Accounting and Finance at AUT University and is an Authorized Financial Advisor (AFA).

A disclosure statement is available free of charge.

Our Record


Our long-term record of superior performance has successfully kept investor's capital substantially intact through the Tech Wreck of 2000, and the Great Financial Crisis of 2007 – while achieving good investment returns over the medium and longer period.
Our Process


Diversified Process Red

Investment Portfolio Maxims
  1. The proper measure of investment wealth is the valuation of the portfolio as a whole, marked-to-market.
  2. The security of a portfolio of investments is enhanced by ensuring a mix with different attributes and performances. This is achieved through systematic diversification of asset classes, sectors, markets, regions, styles and issuers.
  3. Investments which might be considered overly speculative in isolation, may be worthy in a portfolio context.
  4. A portfolio seeks to maximize Total Returns irrespective of whether these come from orthodox ‘income’ from investments or from ‘capital gains’ of investments.
  5. Investor's income needs to meet their living costs are best met by regular drawings from their portfolio irrespective of wheather they derive from capital gain, dividends, coupons or interest payments.






 How Diversified operates

Diversified's process is based on macroeconomic research. We draw on external and proprietary research sources particularly from Canada.

Diversified Investment Management Services Ltd provides its investment strategies to leading Financial Advisors and their clients. Proprietary strategies are available to retail investors via Foundry Asset Management Ltd; www.foundryasset.co.nz

Norman W. Stacey, AFA, advises a limited number of individually managed accounts utilizing Foundry Asset Management's administrative and compliance systems. All assets are held with an independent custodian.

To request a sample of Diversified's model investment strategy, to contact Norman Stacey, or for  investment advice, please email norman@diversified.co.nz

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